Designed particularly to reflect sporting events for European games 2015, which will be held in the capital of Azerbaijan, the company of Vdesign will present sportswear for athletes, referees, as well as wears for local and foreign media personnel who will be invited to cast a light onto competitions involved. This event will be one of the most important occurrences in the world of sports. European games have never been conducted as yet. Azerbaijan had the honor of putting the new top of the glorious tradition of uniting all the countries of Europe. Preparatory activities are with full swing on the way to worthily demonstrate the event. It is expected that more than six thousand athletes to compete in twenty types of sports, of which 16 will be of Olympic. Undoubtedly, such a grand event will attract the attention of leading media world who will send their representatives to Baku.

The uniform designing criteria of Company of Vdesign for participants of the European Games 2015 are stemming from the fact that the outfits must be of high quality, comfortable and aesthetically appealing.