\\The main line of work for Vdesign is to create different types of special wear. The models are systematically updated and our specialists attentively follow the latest trends in the area of overall design.
Quality control is closely monitored throughout all production stages.

The output includes individual and mass produced special wear. Additionally, the company also produces uniforms for service staff and security personnel in hotels and restaurants. The company's range also includes special wear, special shoes, gloves, uniforms for kitchen staff, suits for security personnel in hotels and restaurants and uniforms for service personnel. The company's specialists can take orders at the customers' offices, if required.


Vdesign company's products meet all hygiene and safety requirements which is confirmed by the official state certificates. Currently all production of the company is based on five certificates of conformity issued by the relevant state agencies.

1. Certificate for producing male special wear for protection against pollution and mechanical impact
2. Certificate for producing special shoes made from natural leather for protection against mechanical impact
3. Certificate for producing male and female suits for daily office wear
4. Certificate for producing male and female shoes made from genuine leather for daily wear
5. Certificate for producing female bags made from genuine leather


The Vdesign company will specially present clothing for local and foreign mass media staff covering the European Games of 2015 which will be held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.